Is your past upsetting your future?
Sometimes the best way to move forward is to first take a step back.
Get to the heart of the matter and find you upward spiral again.

Sometimes the rollercoaster of life brings on the fear instead of the fun and it can be really tough to find your way through. The extremes of emotions and frustrations of a downward spiral can fuel feelings of isolation and having failed - regardless of what you try. When anxiety and panic, phobias or past events, bereavement or grief leave you feeling negative or stuck there IS something we can do to get the results you desire.

One to one energy re-focus, emotional freedom technique, matrix reimprinting and kinetic shift are all powerful tools which work fast where other approaches haven’t worked. Combined with coaching it is an unbeatable combination to release, renew and refresh you. 

Move past your trauma?

Shift those stuck, old, unhelpful patterns and feel positive and energised for your new future. 

You know when it’s time to draw a line under the past and take back your power.

Give yourself, or others who need it, the gift of feeling truly free, alive and in control again.

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  • AC NOV 2020

    I have a clearer head space. This has meant I am able to enjoy quality time with family and friends. I am better at living in the moment as opposed to being stuck with sad memories from my past.
    Recommended life coach
  • BF 2019

    I’ve gone from bursting into tears and crippling fear to actually feeling excited and prepared. I’ve chipped away at insecurities that have bothered me for years.
    Recommended life coach
  • PB JAN 2020

    Dealing with my issues was an emotional, vulnerable journey. But Helen took me through it with so much care and consideration.
    Recommended life coach
  • JT AUG 2020

    Helen introduced me to cutting edge methods that helped me very quickly. I cannot believe the positive impact she has had on my mental health and well-being.
    Recommended life coach
  • MK AUG 2019

    Having an anxiety disorder can really make me feel unstable at times. My perception on myself has definitely changed in a good way, I feel I can tackle anything now.
    Recommended life coach
Are you living in the past?

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