Uplifting, Energising & Equipping people to deal with anything!

Building ability with practical strategies and fun!

The Boost Project was set up to spread positive practical energy in the world where it matters most

Enabling and empowering people to become more resilient, resourceful and ready to face challenges and changes

Training, coaching and using the BOOST approach helps people find the belief and resources within themselves to ride life’s rollercoaster with gusto and then BOOST others to do the same


SHIFTING state and managing mindset to lift mood and feel good first  


PLAYING with and harnessing natural energy to fuel positive actions


DEVELOPING a personal toolkit and confidence and ability to boost others


The BOOST Basics

The ability to adapt is the ultimate superpower! 

When we are dispirited, down or deflated, solutions are hard to find.

BOOST uses science and strategies to lift us up and feel good first. This makes everything else simpler and more successful. 

Emotionally stable and bouncing back with resilience, we see solutions that were there all the time and now we can act on them.

We all need a BOOST sometimes. Try it and see!

During times of challenge, these practical tactics shift life and work from a Battleground to a Playground revealing a clear path of courage to meet the needs of ourselves, families and friends, colleagues and communities.

There is always something we can do!

“It’s so incredibly empowering. I could never have imagined what a difference it would make and how enjoyable that journey would be. There’s been no pressure and a strong sense of fun! It’s been life altering!”

BOOST Coaching Client 2019

I was instantly impressed by Helen’s authenticity and passion for self-development. The session itself was excellent and the facilitation was first class.

I can say without doubt it was a brilliant experience both personally and for my client.

Tony Dain

MD, Futurevision Training

Thank you so much for your awesome workshop with the students last Thursday! We have received such positive feedback and the students left feeling super empowered which is all down to you. 

Hayley Limpkin

Founding Principal and Co-Owner, Razzamataz Theatre School Medway