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My lifetime’s work is wrapped up in this project. My aim is to inspire and support all of us to have the tools and courage to live free, full empowered lives. This is especially powerful for anyone facing challenges, self-imposed barriers or society’s labels…. welcome to Boost.

From my first work experiences as a (20-something, London-based) volunteer and support worker, I was fortunate enough to work alongside people with disabilities, helping them have the same opportunities and excitement in life that we all deserve lives that we ALL deserve. I had some great teachers!

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How to cope with emotional labour at work

I worked in this demanding yet rewarding sector for 2 decades. Upping my game in a variety of roles: moving from agency work to advocacy, managing residential homes and embedding county-wide person-centred culture change. I led large staff teams and ran my own training company, bringing creative and effective solutions to common issues faced in social care, health and education.

The core focus of all my work? Highlighting and developing people’s potential. This eventually led me to train as a life coach in 2007 and to 5 years boosting self-belief and adaptability in teenagers - promoting personal empowerment is the thread that connects my eclectic life skills and experience.

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But my range of experience is not limited to mere work history. 

Years spent traveling, pursing wild adventures and extreme activities; festival life; my exciting London lifestyle in the 1990s and my current colourful hometown of Brighton – all have inspired the dynamic and different approach I now bring to everything I do.

An “expert by experience”, my toolkit is a truly eclectic one that utilises both the everyday and the extraordinary to help clients gain the confidence and strategies to live life to the full.

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And this hefty toolkit is shaped by more than just good experiences. 

As a manager, I once worked all the hours under the sun, burnt the candle at both ends and lived on coffee and adrenaline to keep going because people’s lives and their services matter so much to me. I have paid the personal cost of the demands of responsible roles and finally learnt how to balance my high professional standards with having a quality of life. 

Overcoming my own challenges gave me tools and approaches from one of life’s greatest teachers: Personal Experience. And I am excited to share all I have learned to shortcut your success. 

In short, I would describe my work as supporting and celebrating people while they positively transform their lives. This is such an honour. Coaching and all my additional research and training over the past 30 years has given me the skills to help people think, feel and act their best. It helps me help them to overcome any obstacles. It helps them have fun and enjoy life. What better job is there?

  • JT AUG 2020

    Helen has skills and knowledge that are well beyond any other coaches that I have encountered. She is able to adapt techniques to suit the individual, giving you a truly personal experience and programme of improvement.
    Recommended life coach
  • MK AUG 2020

    Helen is a real sweet person who has a big heart.
    Recommended life coach
  • TS APRIL 2020

    Helen sees the positive in people and when they lack confidence works them through coaching to bring out the best in them. Her style is bubbly, interactive and knowledgeable, super confident and engaging.
    Recommended life coach
  • BF 2019

    You’re amazing! You’re so easy to talk to and even though we’ve discussed some challenging topics, I’ve never felt uncomfortable at all.
    Recommended life coach
  • AFS Aug 2020

    With Helen’s guidance and my new found life toolbox of coping strategies, I am starting to feel at ease with the world again, I would without hesitation recommend Helen’s services.
    Recommended life coach
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